Greyhaunt Manor 2004 - Fountains

We had two "blood" fountains for the haunt (compliments of haunt founder and webmistress, Mik Wilkens, with help from Carol Sheldon, aka Arachne). The blood was actually just water with a LOT of red food coloring, but it looked pretty good.

The first few pictures show details of how Mik built the large fountain (the holes where the tube went, etc.). All of the skulls were resin from various suppliers; they were cut, carved and drilled using a dremel tool. Hot glue and liquid nails holds the parts together. A large blob of Great Stuff (eventually painted red and brainlike) was added to disguise the tacky plasic-cup riser under the center skull. The base of the large fountain is a plastic birdbath we got on sale ($17.99) at Lowe's. After getting the fountain all put together and working correctly, a dremel was used to grind cracks and splits into the base, acrylic paints were used to age it and add details, and some dead-looking silk plants, spiders and web were added.

The smaller fountain was made from a recycled desktop fountain using two GITD skulls and some plastic skeleton hands available in 10-packs for $.99. All of the parts were hot glued together.

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