Greyhaunt Manor 2004 - Burnt Bodies

One of the yard displays was a charred stake with glowing embers at its base and a number of burnt bodies. (This is what happens when you tell Blah, the not-too-bright Greyhaunt Manor vampire, to "fire the staff.") The bodies are cheap blucky skeletons covered with spray mount and sawdust, then painted with rust, brown and black spray paint for that "crispy critter" look, compliments of Bryce Wright.

We made the embers by dusting a mound of batting with flat black spray paint and putting a string of steady-burning orange holiday lights underneath. The flames were from plastic pumpkins with fake flames inside that we got on sale at JoAnn's. We removed the flame units from the pumpkins and just set them in the batting. In the dark, the ember effect was quite eerie (click here for a video of the effect - the effect is even more realistic in person). Hopefully we'll get some better still pictures of the display in 2005.

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