Greyhaunt Manor 2005 - The Troll Bridge

Stop! Pay Troll!  :-)

Since we had decided to take the TOTs through the entire yard to get to the entrance to the manor house, we needed a way to get them over the river (of rock) that runs through one side of the yard. We designed and built a rickety-looking bridge, painted it black, and then "antiqued" it with spots of gray, green, and rust-colored spray paint. After we installed it over the river, we put an arch on either end, lots of fake (but very real-looking) rusted barbed wire along both sides, and a sound system underneath to play the role of the troll. Red and orange lights and a single small strobe under the bridge caused a very eerie effect. We also threw some body parts in the river (last picture) to demonstrate what happens when TOTs don't "keep hands and feet inside railings at all times."

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